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You think, we code. As a team of programmers with extensive experience in developing most demanding IT projects, we know how challenging they can become as new data emerges, as visions and expectations shift. We are here to provide solutions and give you results.

Cododile delivers high performing agile teams for your business. We’re highly specialized, and there to support you in any point of your transformation across a variety of platforms and hosting solutions. We share our knowledge in investigating existing IT infrastructure, automatizing your development process or developing system architecture.

  • Dedicated Developers

    Whether it is one developer you are looking for or the whole team. We’re here to provide.

  • Project Development

    We’ll help you bring your most complex software vision to life.

  • Consulting

    We are a system integration company with strong expertise in providing integration services for business.

  • API integration

    We provide API integrations services and software solutions to make your business process seamless.
  • DevOps

    We’re highly specialized to support you and make your development lifecycle more efficient.

  • Software Audit

    We will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current software products.

  • 2017/2019

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Working together in several projects we’ve made a bond for future cooperation as cododile team. One of the projects involved maintaining eCommerce platform of one of the largest pizza networks in Poland.


  • 2019/2020

    Software projects for enterprises

    We’ve contributed to many exciting projects and built some of our own. Along the way, our team obtained solid expertise in API integrations, cloud solutions, web and mobile development, security and testing.


  • 2021

    Be part of your story

    See how we can help you reach your goals. Ready to realise your product vision?






software engineer with experience in design and development of variety of backend application based on JVM. Well organised, quick learner with ability to jump into middle of application development crisis with a rescue. Code readability freak.


software developer with strongly backend-based experience mainly in JVM-based languages, passionate about how clean architecture and good design make complex systems manageable and efficient. Ever-pursuing code quality, and seeking ways to improve code readability and performance. Individualist, yet team player. Always seeking out an opportunity to self-develop and improve, eager to learn and explore.


senior Software Engineer with Java (OCPJP) and Business Analyst experience. 9 years of experience in IT. Leadership and strong communication skills. Fluent English (C1) speaker.


software engineer highly skilled in designing, testing, and developing software based on JAVA on both backend and mobile platforms. I believe that in case of upcoming deadlines time can stretch.


full stack developer with wide experience in multiple layers of system. Being a quick learner and team player with strong communication skills and result oriented values, he is ready to tackle any task that is rewuired to get the job done.

Ready to realise your product vision?


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