PSD2 knowledge gained upon PolishAPI integration
PolishAPI and Berlin Group integrations provided our team with valuable technical insight that we can now share with you.
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Oftentimes great ideas and management are being challanged by the reality of finding the right programmers willing to cooperate effectively to quickly deliver what was planned. We all know how characterful those programmers are. It may take weeks for them to get along, weeks you can't afford to wait.

And here, we step in. We wen't through the process ourselves by working together on various projects and it turned out to be a prosperous cooperation. We all thinking the same, and have one goal. Through challanges of everyday work, gather new experience, share knowledge and 'yes we can' attitude amongst the ranks of your organization.

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A portfolio of our projects.


PolishAPI integration


Our path from past to present.

  • 2017/2019

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Working together in several projects we're making a bond for future cooperation as cododile team. One of the projects involves maintaining web site of one of the largest pizza networks in Poland.

  • April 2019

    PSD2 Integration Project

    We're integrating PolishAPI into a fintech company prioriatary payment operation system.

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    Of Our


Technologies used by the team.

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